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About Swords From Spain

Swords from Spain offers an enormous variety of handcrafted swords by artisans in Toledo, Spain at a variety of price points from budget to luxury. Whether you are looking for a miniature replica Conan the Barbarian sword for under $30 or have thousands to spend on a fully functional rapier, Swords from Spain has something for you. Swords from Spain also sells accessories and other items such as full suits of armor, banners, tapestries, and figurines as well as other weapons including maces, hammers, and halberds. A number of licensed replica swords from movies and TV shows are available as well. If you have ever dreamed of being Xena, Hercules, Zorro, or Peter Pan, Swords from Spain can take you one step closer to that fantasy with authentic-looking copies of the swords you have seen onscreen. The company also makes samurai swords. If you’re feeling medieval, Swords from Spain has you covered with costumes ranging from Templars to King Arthur to Richard the Lionheart. The enormous price range at Swords from Spain and the unusual nature of the products sold means that this is an excellent place to shop for gifts. Coupons and promo codes from Giving Assistant bring costs down even lower.